Strokahontas, 20:35 , 200+ Photos
Strok-a-hontas is right, cause with her tight pussy she stroked the dick up and down... and with her mouth... damn... all i can see is join now to check her out


Michelle , 23:44, 200+ Photos
Michelle, is one of them crazy gogo bithes, I forgot where we found this bitch, at a rave or some shit.. either way, she showed us how she sucks and fucks... and man.. she did so like a pro


Fanny , 1:02:27, 200+ Photos
Now see.. i love me a latin bitch, but this bitch was just off... we found this bitch straggling down on the fremont experience, she was all in a nigga grill... so i started spittin at the bitch in spanish, that musta made the bitch pussy wet.. cause then she started followin us around like a puppy...

Kira Kane , 25:00, 200+ Photos
Man, this bitch was on some real i wanna get fucked shit, we ran an ad in the local paper for some models, and this bitch showed up ready to put in work, no panties no bra, she put on a real show with some deep throat action, it wasn't long before my potna started to smash..

Manouge, 24:50, 200+ Pictures
We just gone call this bitch the head doctor, i met this bitch at the mall, as always i caught the bitch peekin, so i got at her. a few hours later we got this bitch up in the telly, and justin slayer is fuckin this bitch in every which way, and damn, her head game was on point... she suck dick like a tru thorobred bitch, suckin, fuckin, clownin.. all that great shit....

Nana , 25:00, 200+ Photo

Here we go with this bitch Nana, I met this bitch at club 702. After i caught the bitch peekin, i decided to go holla, after a few drinks, and a few blunts, the bitch was game, I took the bitch back to the telly, where i met up with Justin Slayer, He broke this bitch all the way down!!

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